This is my 2024 Pirates 26 man player squad

C-Rodriguez/ Davis If Davis is not going to be a catcher-Trade Him for a pitcher or LH first basement.

Delay will still be fine as back-up

!B-Joe and free agent or traded for LH first Baseman

Peguero, Hayes, Cruz and Gonzalez if MCCutchen is Not coming Back

Reynolds, Bey, Andujar, Palacios, Suwinski, if McCutchen not coming back. If Cutch coming back, then trade

Suwinski in a package for a real LH first baseman.

SP-Keller, Oviedo, A free agent LH pitcher or a trade for one and 2 of the following: Brubaker, Burrows, Contreras, Falter, Jackson, Ortiz, Valasquez, Wolf, Kranick, Priester.,Jones. Contreras, Ortiz, Brubaker, could be traded with Suwinski, maybe Davis for LH first Baseman or LH pitcher.

Bedner, Hernandez, Holderman, Mldzinski, four of the following: Alldred, DeLos SAntos, McGregor, Moreta, Borucki, Hatch, Garcia,

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