Pirate Trivia Quiz to Pump U Up for ST

With ST just around the corner, some trivia questions to get you in the ST mood. A real fan should get at least 80% of these. If possible provide the player and the year.

Last Pirate to Hit .300 or better with at least 400 PAs:

Last Pirate to have 100 or more RBIs:

Last Pirate to Hit 40 or more HRs:

Last Pirate to have 50 or more SBs:

Last Pirate to have 200 or more hits in a season:

Last Pirate to win the Batting Title:

Last Pirate Pitcher with 20 or more Wins in a Season:

Last Pirate Pitcher to Lead MLB in Saves:

Last Pirate Pitcher to Lead MLB in ERA:

Last Pirate Pitcher to win the Cy Young:

Last Year the Pirates Won a NL Pennant:

Last Year the Pirates Won a Division Title:

Last Year the Pirates Won 100 or more games in a season:

Last Pirate Manager to Win Manager of the Year:

Name the Pirate Players, Managers, or General Managers inducted into the HOF since 1950 (non-Negro League):

Must have played/coached/GM the Pirates at some time in their career. If inducted as player, must have played for Pirates. If inducted as manager, must have managed the Pirates. Note that some pre-1950 players/managers/GMs were inducted post-1950. I found 14. There might be more.

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