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Sunflower seeds on the basepaths? Not the end of the world

Yeah, it makes for embarrassing social media, but no, not the end of the franchise.

Pirates’ failure to make adjustments looming large

The Pirates own a -196 run differential, second worst in baseball.

MLB schedule redesign long overdue

The Pirates will play all 29 other MLB teams in 2023

Pirates’ recent streak shows the difficulty of turning the corner

The Bucs’ skid becomes another face palm type feeling for the team.

Things I read on Twitter

Some people need to engage their brains before they engage their fingers on a keyboard.

The ‘Rodol-phone Castro’ controversy stirs talks on social media

Phone pun: Castro was inevitably CALLED out.

Should Derek Shelton be on the Hot Seat?

Shelton’s club is over 20 games under .500 with just over 100 games played.

Throwing more money at players isn’t the answer for the Pirates

Development, development, development

Despite questions, locking in Oneil Cruz should be a priority for Pirates

Cruz is a machine at hitting home runs, but has struggled at times defensively and with strikeouts.

Termarr Johnson solidifies infield core, doesn’t threaten Nick Gonzales, Liover Peguero

Johnson, Gonzales, Peguero, and Cruz provide a solid four players for the Bucs to build their infield around

Fans rate Derek Shelton’s bullpen management ‘embarrassing’

Cam Vieaux’s rough outing against Milwaukee sparked outrage among the Pirates community.

Pirates bullpen sinking late leads

The Bucs bullpen ranks as one of the worst in baseball with a 4.33 ERA and 136 walks

Pirates continue struggles despite reasons for future optimism

The Pirates are losing steam and dropping winnable games.

Promotions of prospects sparking first signs of life in Pirates rebuild

The Bucs are 8-4 since committing to their current youth movement.

Memorial Day from Bucs Dugout

Today we celebrate and reflect.

Pirates should deploy opener more often in 2022

Dillon Peters started one game in an opener role this season, but Derek Shelton should consider doing it more.

Defense defines Roberto Perez’s role in Pittsburgh

Perez won two Gold Gloves in 2019 and 2020.

With Newman out, who’s the Pirates shortstop?

Derek Shelton has options. Maybe not that one, though.

Five takeaways from Pirates Opening Day

While there wasn’t much to smile about, there were SOME positives.

Soaking in the greatest sports time of the year

The middle part of March to early April should always be circled on calendars

Bryan Reynolds’ arbitration case is another reminder of what’s wrong with baseball

The two sides could not agree to deal before Tuesday’s arbitration deadline.

Despite persistent rumors, potential Bryan Reynolds trade makes no sense

Reynolds is a piece the Pirates need to commit to long term.

The infield shift ban is no big deal

Requiring infielders to remain at home is an easy change.

Pirates ownership: Not terminally unique

We need some excitement around here.

Baseball talk has been the biggest casualty of the lockout

Hot-stove conversation is the lifeblood of the game.

Where the heck have the Pirates been during labor negotiations?

No appearances, no statements, nothing.

Hall of Fame election once again sparks controversy

Ortiz in, Bonds, Clemens, Schilling left out

New Years Resolutions for the Pirates in 2022

Four things the Pirates can improve on as an organization.

New Years Eve is the anniversary of Roberto Clemente’s death

A tough day for Bucs fans.

Merry Christmas from Bucs Dugout!

I’ll drink to that too, Santa!

Pirates moves signal changing of the guard

Stallings, Kuhl, Moran, Brault gone, young players handed keys.

How the lockout affects the Pirates (sort of)

Baseball’s got bigger problems than a work stoppage can solve.