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Cubs manager David Ross says Pirates are ‘not a good team’ after series loss

The Cubs’ skipper wasn’t holding back on his postgame comments following a series loss to the Pirates.

A tale of two cities: Cubs lead by veteran stars, mix of young players have dominated Pirates

The Pirates are 1-10 against the Cubs this season

Pirates prospect Nick Gonzales hits for the cycle in Triple-A

The former first-round pick is slashing .351/.415/.772 in September.

Ryan Borucki deserves another shot with the Pirates in 2024

Borucki went from zero to late-inning hero with the Pirates.

The Pirates and the continuous merry-go-round of first basemen

The Pirates need to find a long-term solution at first base.

The Pirates don’t care and don’t deserve the benefit of the doubt

This level of disregard for results cannot be allowed to continue into 2024.

Pirates Ke’Bryan Hayes calls for automatic strike zone following tense interaction with umpire

Do you agree with Hayes’ call for automated balls and strikes?

Pirates roster makeup this far into a rebuild is puzzling

Openers, no-names and underachievers galore!

Derek Shelton expects Pirates to bring back Andy Haines, Oscar Marin next season

Shelton said on 93.7 The Fan that Andy Haines and Oscar Marin are likely to return next season.

Paul Skenes effect proves if you build it, Pirates fans will come to any ballpark

Skenes will pitch Friday in Erie.

How much blame goes to Derek Shelton for Pirates poor performance?

Does the manager need to go?

Should the Pirates move David Bednar before the MLB Trade Deadline?

It made sense to listen on Bryan Reynolds; does it make sense for David Bednar?

Mitch Keller, David Bednar trades don’t make sense for Pirates if they truly believe in 2024

Keller is under control through 2025, Bednar past 2026.

Your plans tonight are set: Watch Shohei Ohtani against the Pirates

Ohtani starts on the mound against the Pirates for the first time.

A healthy Oneil Cruz will be worth the wait until next season

As August nears, so does the clock on Oneil Cruz’ rehab, but should the Pirates bring him back this season?

The fate of the Pirates organization rest on the shoulders of Paul Skenes

The Pirates No. 1 pick signed on Tuesday.

Feel free to keep booing the Pirates

And don’t feel bad about it, it’s become exactly as bad as you’re perceiving it.

What do the Pirates have to do to right the ship in the second half?

An examination of what went wrong in the disastrous last few months and how to stop the freefall.

Exploring Pirates options as buyers at the MLB trade deadline

Evaluating the trade market a month ahead of the deadline.

Is a fair assessment of Derek Shelton even possible?

Evaluating Derek Shelton partway through year four.

The continued employment of Andy Haines is a sunk-cost fallacy

Andy Haines’ tenure has been a disaster.

Andrew McCutchen trade only makes sense on one unlikely occasion

Does a trade to the Rangers make sense?

Pirates shutout again by Cubs; This isn’t what improvement looks like

The Pirates’ refusal to change and adapt amid mixed messaging from management.

Andrew McCutchen comes full circle with hit 2,000

In a win against the New York Mets, Andrew McCutchen hits yet another milestone.

Re-signing Andrew McCutchen before 2024 a no-brainer for Pirates

McCutchen stated his desire to play past 2023.

Highs and lows of expectations for the Pirates

The Pirates are 2-12 since sweeping a slit doubleheader against the Washington Nationals. Pittsburgh began the year 20-8.

The Nine Innings: One small adjustment to fix the Pirates offense

The Pirates STILL lead the NL Central at 21-17.

The Pirates have crashed back to Earth

The Pirates are certainly back, unfortunately not in the way that most people have hoped, as their streak of losing is reminiscent of the past.

The Nine Innings: Icy Pirates Bats

It’s May and the Pittsburgh Pirates still lead their division.

Pirates face tough situation with catching depth

With notable prospects on the way, what should the Pirates do with Austin Hedges and Jason Delay?

Pittsburgh Pirates end incredible April 20-9 to put baseball world on notice

The Pirates are +53 in run differential.

The 2023 Pittsburgh Pirates and how they got here

The Pirates are rolling, and it’s been a long time coming for the team to be this fun.


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