Brad Hawpe


hmmmm there's something in my head that no matter how bad of an idea I know this is goes...hmmm

The South Atlantic League All Star Game


Alen Hanson started as 2B batting 2nd, went 0 for 4 with 2 Ks. Gregory Polanco started as RF batting 5th, went 0 for 2. Matt Benedict pitched a perfect third inning, with one strikeout.

Morgantown potential short-season affilate for the Pirates


Won't happen for at least a couple years but as a resident of Morgantown (Star City to be exact) I really hope to jeebus it happens.

Pirates Officially Sign D.J. Crumlich


Crumlich, a senior shortstop out of UC-Irvine, was their ninth-rounder. They probably saved some money on him, but we don't know that for sure. UPDATE: Crumlich gets $5,000, saving about $124,000 against the pool. Adrian Sampson gets $250,000, which is right around the pool recommendation. Chris Diaz gets $100,000, which is the most the Pirates can give him without it counting against the pool. The Pirates have saved about $600,000 against the pool to use on Mark Appel and other picks.

Rocco Baldelli talks hitting


Great piece with quotes from Rocco Baldelli on hitting. At 30 years old, he is still in the game as a special assistant to baseball operations. I don't know about you guys, but I love hearing former/current players talk about hitting/pitching. Good stuff!

Red Sox sign Deven Marrero for $2.05MM


$331,700 over slot. There would be some beautiful irony if he ends up as either the highest overslot bonus or the highest picked player to go over slot (if Appel and Giolito sign at slot or don't sign at all, that seems likely). Linking this because of all the attention paid to a link between Marrero and the Pirates pre-draft. What level would he start at if he were a Pirate?

Another Look At 'Head Case'-Turned-Staff-Leader A.J. Burnett


The positive: Burnett's success is why people want to write about him. The negative: We are going to continue seeing versions of this story from the national and NY media as long as this continues.

Power Rankings And The Pirates' Upcoming Schedule


I generally think power rankings are pretty meaningless, but Jonah Keri does a good job of summarizing every team's weekly activity. It's virtually impossible to keep up with all 30 teams, so I find Jonah's recaps a good resource. The interesting thing here, aside from the links and factual tidbits, is where the teams on the Pirates upcoming schedule are ranked according to Keri. The Pirates open their homestand tomorrow with three against the Twins (No. 28) and follow with three against the Tigers (No. 20). They then go on the road for four against the Phillies (No. 22). They play the Cards (No. 12) in St. Louis for three, but then come home and get the Astros (No. 30) for four. While the Pirates have lots of issues and the peripherals suggest they are unlikely to maintain their current winning percentage, they do get 14 of their next 17 against teams in the bottom third of the rankings, at least according to one analyst. Oh, and Keri has the Bucs at No. 16, right between the Blue Jays and the Marlins.

What would you give up for CarGo?


If the Rockies decide to give him up, what would you give up for him? He's in the middle of a 7/80 contract, the details can be found by clicking the link. If they would want Marte and Owens, I would pull the trigger. I would try to get away from dealing a JMac, but if it was a straight up deal, I would consider it.

Battle of the Ballparks


Please go on and vote and help PNC Park win (which it should if it were not up to fan voting). Need as many Bucco fans to go and help PNC park win it all, its got a 1st round bye but keep checking back and make it the #1 ballpark