Child Andrew McCutchen visited in hospital sends him home run ball


It's always nice to see things like this. I was away from the computer when McCutchen won the Roberto Clemente award earlier this week, and I felt like too much time had passed before I could write about it. But it's nice to see such clear evidence of his good work off the field. Hat tip: Eye on Baseball.

Bucs unveil new weight room at Pirate City


It is, apparently, gargantuan, at two stories and over 12,000 square feet. When you see things like this, along with the cramped spaces at some minor league ballparks, it becomes clear why the Bucs moved their Class A+ team to Bradenton a few years back. Here are a couple more pictures of the facility.

West Virginia Black Bears release new logo


Here's the logo for the Pirates' new affiliate. It does a nice job of using the "black" in the team's name while emphasizing the team's connection to WVU. You can now buy team gear here.

Mark Melancon heading to Japan for All-Star Series


Mark Melancon (a travel buff) will join Robinson Cano, Jose Altuve, Yasiel Puig and other MLB players for a series of games in Japan beginning next week.

Adam LaRoche murders wild beast


I guess my only question is, when hunting mountain lions with a bow, what happens if you miss?

Question on Jeopardy Tonight...And None of the Competitors Got it Right


I'm just going to assume you all know the answer.

NLDS Desktop Graphic


Full-resolution version link. A schedule/press sheet graphic I made for this series. Enjoy it on your computer or your fridge if you'd like!

Francisco Liriano


I can't wait for tonight's game, Let's Go Bucs!