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BD Community Guidelines

Welcome to Bucs Dugout, the home of Pirates fans on the SB Nation Network.

BD is a long established community at SB Nation, having been started by Charlie Wilmoth back in 2005. As you’d expect, it has many long-time members who have participated in discussions here for years. Please take a few minutes to read these guidelines, as they should help you navigate the site. You’ll also find some brief how-to’s at the bottom of the page.

BD is intended to be a place for freewheeling and open discussion of the Pittsburgh Pirates in particular and baseball in general. It’s very much our goal here to have a site that’s welcoming to a wide range of fans. Consequently, please be respectful at BD, both to the site moderators and to the other guests. Here are some more details that will help.

When posting at this blog, please follow a simple rule. Before hitting “post," ask yourself: "Will this post be respectful to the others who could be joining me in this discussion?" If the answer is "no," then don't post. BD encourages and welcomes all opinions, no matter how strong; however, personal attacks and other uncivilized forms of expression are not welcome. In such cases, the moderators reserve the right to delete posts or comments without notice.

SB Nation has commenting guidelines, found here, that apply at all SBN sites. Beyond that, we’d like commenters at BD to keep a few things in mind.


1. Personal attacks on community members, directly or through mocking or sarcasm/belittling, via either comments, posts or user signatures designed for that purpose, are forbidden. Such posts or user signatures will be deleted without notice and the site managers and/or moderators may take further action at their discretion.

2. Slurs and other insulting comments based on race, gender, LGBTQ status, religion or other similar factors are prohibited. This includes, for instance, the use of derogatory feminine references as a means of insulting another person. The possibility that you personally may find the use of slurs or other such status-based slights acceptable is irrelevant. They will not be tolerated here. This is an SBN-wide policy; any such posts or comments will result in a warning. Repeated instances will result in a ban.

3. This blog does not specifically prohibit profanity, except when directed at other community members. Still, some members do not like it; consequently, please keep it to a minimum or don’t employ it at all. We also ask that you limit the use of profanity to game threads.

4. Posting personal information about anyone -- BD member or not -- without his or her permission is not permitted. Such posts are subject to deletion without notice. In addition, threats of violence, or any sort of harm, to others are not permitted and will result in a ban.

5. Please don’t discuss politics or religion. That being said, it’s understandable that joking references to events in the larger culture are inevitable and not something we want to inhibit. Please try to do such things in a manner that isn’t an invitation to start a partisan discussion or to insult any particular group or point of view. And if another member DOES take it amiss, please cease the discussion.

6. When posting images in the comments, please take into account the likely feelings of other community members. Obviously, obscene or violent imagery is prohibited. Beyond that, some images, such as racy photos, may be unwelcome to some. We ask that, in posting an image, if it’s of a sort that might make a specific group of people feel less welcome at the site, please refrain from posting it.

7. Creating multiple user names for the purpose of trolling, posting spam, impersonating a public figure (or well-known member of this community), returning after you have been banned, or disrupting the community is not permitted. Any such user names will be banned without notice. Further, user names created that contain profanity or sexual or drug references are not permitted and will also be banned. Finally, posts made for such purposes will also be deleted without notice.

If you think a violation by another member has occurred, please flag the comment and notify Eli and/or Wilbur by email. You should be aware that flagging a comment does not automatically generate any sort of notice to the moderators. On rare occasions, troublesome issues (like repeated obscene or racist posts) have arisen, usually in game threads. Please email one of the site managers if this happens so the offender can be disposed of promptly.

Email addresses are available on the site by clicking on “About>Masthead".

FanPosts and FanShots

FanPosts are strongly encouraged. It's a way for you to participate in the community by writing a blog post on a topic of your own interest that might not be covered on the front page at BD.

FanPosts should be related to the Pirates, to baseball in general, to previous or existing threads on the site, or to the site itself.

Some of the qualities that the most popular FanPosts often have in common are:

— They expand upon the main idea with supporting examples, or statistical data, or a link to a relevant article, or a "thinking question" for others to consider, etc. -- something beyond just the main idea itself. Don’t just post a large quote from an article and say "What do you think?" Post your own opinion, too.

— They explore a topic, idea, or question that has not been explored recently at BD. Please check both the FanPost and FanShot recent post lists to see if your topic is already being discussed.

Keep in mind that if your post contains only one point or idea that is not developed, expanded on, or supported with arguments or data, it is really not a FanPost -- it is a comment that should be posted in an existing thread, or posted as a FanShot.


From time to time, members include images in comments. To do it, you just click on the little icon above the text box that resembles a mountain with the sun over it. A dialogue box appears and you paste the URL of the image into it, then click “insert.” The appropriate code will appear in your comment draft.

Please bear in mind that large images wreak havoc when being viewed in mobile devices. You can easily reduce the size of an image to keep it reasonable. To do this, simply type “height=300” (without quote marks) just to the left of the closing “>” figure in the image code. It should end up looking like this:


Sarcasm Font

When you intend a comment to be sarcastic and not to be taken literally, you can make it appear with a different font, generally referred to as the “sarcasm font,” that experienced community members will recognize. To do so, just insert “@“ (without quote marks) before and after the text you intend as sarcasm, like this:

@This is sarcasm.@