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Season Recaps

Pirates 2023 season recaps: Relief pitchers

Some hit or miss guys in our bullpen, but ultimately this group of pitchers is something the team can build upon.

Pirates 2023 season recaps: Starting pitching

You can never have enough depth.

Pirates 2023 season recaps: Outfielders

Bryan Reynolds, Jack Suwinski and Henry Davis factor as likely trio in 2024 outfield

Pirates 2023 season recaps: Infielders

Some stars, some duds, and everything in between sums up how the Pirates infield looked in 2023.

Pirates 2023 season recaps: Catchers

From Austin Hedges to Endy Rodriguez, the Pirates had a wild mix of catchers this season.

Pirates 2022 season review: Minors

The prospects are hot, but maybe not quite ready for Pittsburgh.

Pirates 2022 season review: Outfield

Reynolds and Suwinski powered the Bucs outfield

Pirates 2022 season review: Catchers

It wasn’t a great year for Pirates catchers.

Pirates 2022 season review: Relief pitchers

One All-Star and a lot of meh.

Pirates 2022 season review: Starting pitchers

Some solid pieces in place, more in the pipeline

Pirates 2021 season recaps: Infield

Reviewing the members of the Pirates infield this season

Pirates 2021 season recaps: Bullpen

Other than Bednar, it wasn’t a great year for Bucs’ bullpen arms.

Pirates 2021 season recaps: Outfield

Reynolds the lone bright star in an otherwise drab constellation.

Pirates 2021 season recaps: Catchers

Jacob Stallings stepped up, Michael Perez was meh, and a challenger appears.

Pirates 2021 season recaps: Starting pitching

Not a very good year on the mound for this position group.